The Bra Lady

Like so many girls, I spent far too much money on bras at big retailers that didn’t quite fit. I figured I was just a weird (way too big) size and that the 38 D’s I was coping with were good enough. I would just have to readjust them now and then to avoid the dreadful “double boob” and everything would be fine.

I was living in NYC and a friend told me “I go to this great shop called ‘Linda’s,’ they do fittings, they have tons of sizes. You should go!” I brushed it off for awhile thinking it was just your average lingerie shop, that there’d be only boring grandma-bras in my size. But eventually, I tagged along with her to check it out.

And I was hooked. I had NEVER had a fitting so precise and a shop so committed to making sure that I liked what I was trying on. Over the next few years that I lived in NYC, all of my friends started to pledge their undying devotion to the Bra Lady.

Linda’s was a tiny shop with a HUGE selection and serious assistants. It was pretty clear that if you were serious about bra’s, you had to go there. I found more and more women who were fans, you merely had to utter the word “Linda’s” and you’d get a stream of praise for the wonders of this special shop.

When I first went for a fitting, I wasn’t terribly off on my size. I was wearing a 38 DD when I should have been wearing a 36 E. But the difference DID matter. And so did the style. I have been lucky enough over the years to have fittings with the Bra Lady herself. Linda is boob-magic. I’m pretty sure she could tell someone their bra size from 50 paces. She did my fittings when I was pregnant and again when I was nursing. She has talent for figuring out any bra-complication. She should be declared a National Treasure.

Once you know a great fitting bra, you don’t look back: all your clothes look better, you feel better, and you stop worrying about adjusting all the time. I have seen the crazy things women go through, especially at larger sizes like myself (I’m currently a 36 F because of nursing) to get their lady lumps in line. Stretchy camisoles over too-small bras, two bras at once, going up a band number because you can’t go up any more cup sizes in a particular brand. When you actually have OPTIONS in your real size, it’s a revelation.

Linda’s has now branched into two locations, has a huge and devoted network of followers, and has a fantastic website. Now that I live in Montreal, I order my bras online from Linda’s Online. There are so many options, not just bras (swimwear in a wide variety of sizes!!!). I have recommended this site to more people than I can count. They even have an online bra-size calculator here!

This month, I’m Linda’s “BFF” and I’m featured on their site, which is pretty cool. I can’t wait for the next time I get to visit. By then, I hope I’ll be done with nursing! Oh blessed day.

Anyway, if life gives you “melons,” ladies, get yourself to Linda’s. You are welcome.

Update: here is my “BFF” page

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