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The All Hallow’s Eve Sewathon 2012

Someday when my daughter is very much older, and thinks that maybe I don’t like her and never want her to have nice things, I hope she finds this post and gives me some credit.

I decided to make her Halloween costume myself about a month ago, after being disappointed with those available on the internet. I had planned on buying a sewing machine this month, but didn’t commit to a specific model and source until it was too late. In the meantime, I had started by cutting out all the pieces, pinning them, fitting them, deciding that the top parts weren’t right, changing patterns, etc. I probably started too late with actual sewing. I spent several nights hand sewing together the basic pieces and the lining, but there was so much finishing!

The East coast is expecting a HUGE storm system as part of Hurricane Sandy that is going to dump rain and high winds on us all week, including Wednesday, Halloween, the night I’d planned that we go trick-or-treating. Yesterday, I looked up other activities this weekend in case Wednesday gets rained out. I couldn’t find anything appropriate for little kid, my husband finally found something downtown that was supposed to be today (Saturday). So last night (Friday), I decided to attempt the nearly impossible mission of finishing the costume so she could wear it to that party. I stayed up ALL night and at 6am, my daughter started waking up and refusing to go back to sleep (too early for her to be up, however).

I finally went to bed around 7:30am because my eyes were going wobbly, my hands hurt, I kept poking myself, and I was starting to think crazy thoughts about how the fabric was growing as I sewed it so there was always more to go. I meant to sleep only a couple hours and get up to work on the last few pieces, but I slept too much. When I got up, there was only 2 hours of the party left and I rushed to try and finish the costume so we could go, but the work that was left ended up taking almost 4 more hours. So, even if I had gotten up earlier, I still don’t think I could have finished. I should have never gone to bed at all. Things would have gone a lot faster if I had a machine, but maybe it’s nicer because it’s all hand done? There were certainly parts that I couldn’t do on a machine, but many others… I need a sewing machine.

I hope that we can still go trick-or-treating on Wednesday. The costume is all done, I think it looks nice. I just hope she gets to wear it out! I’ll post pictures, either way. Stay tuned. And to my grown-up girl, I love you!

Harper’s Index of My Life: October 2012 Edition

Quantity of alphabet magnets on my coffee table: 36
Time it took to put my daughter to bed last tonight: 1 hour
Time it felt like it took to put my daughter to bed tonight: 3 hours and 45 minutes
Ratio of dishes washed every day to dishes dirtied: 1 : 1.1
Times I’ve said “take a bite and then I’ll turn it back on” in the last week: 1.6×10^5
Most limited clothing item: pants
Number of leaf piles assembled (by foot) for jumping in: 2
Percentage completion of child’s halloween costume: 5%
Book currently reading: “The Disappearing Spoon: And Other True Tales of Madness, Love, and the History of the World from the Periodic Table of the Elements” by Sam Kean
Number of tabs open on my browser right now: 22
Magnitude of my first earthquake, 9 days ago: 4.5
Whereabout of my sister, who my toddler asks to talk to every day: Ghana
Soundtrack I’ve heard 20 times this week: Mary Poppins
Amount of appreciation I have for Julie Andrews: endless
Runaway cats we have attempted to catch in the park to number of runaway cats caught: 1:0
Number of times I’ve been reminded that there was a cat in the bushes a few days ago: 53
Ratio of pigeons to squirrels fed: 40:1

A Tale of Two Slides

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a medium-sized city in Canada. She loved doing all kinds of things in the city, but most of all she liked going to playgrounds. At the playground, she would swing on swings, ride on small metal representations of animals atop metal coils, climb on things, and get sand in her shoes.

She was also fond of slides. However, she could not bear to even look upon a slide that was in any way wet or dirty. She would stand above them, pointing down while making indignant noises, ordering them to clean up their act. Her mother took great trouble, whenever possible, to clean off the offending sand, water, leaves, mud. Sometimes her mother would use napkins, baby wipes, her foot, her bare hands. Sometimes after even a concerted effort, the slide would still have small drops of moisture and the little girl would request that her mother go down first as to dry it off with her own pants. Such were the sacrifices made to keep the little girl happy.

One day, the little girl and her mother were at their playground after a day of rain. This playground had a double slide, two slides that were side by side. Both slides had water pooled at the bottom, sandy streaks and many droplets of water all the way down. After much protesting by the little girl, her mother used several napkins, a few baby wipes, and her pant leg to clean off one of the slides. The little girl was skeptical but decided that she would go down the slide after all. Upon sitting down at the top, however, she decided that this slide was simply not going to do. The OTHER slide was obviously the best choice.

Her mother tried to highlight the cleanliness and positive attributes of the first slide, but it was to no avail. The unclean slide had been chosen and now her duty was to make it moisture and sand free.

After making the necessary improvements, the mother showed the little girl how nice both slides were and the little girl chose to go down the second slide. Once.

Then she spend the rest of the time at the playground, merrily chasing a squirrel.

The End.