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Best of 2012

I am so out of the loop on music and film, art and restaurants. I could make excuses about having a little kid, but it probably has more to do with being broke in academia again. Little time, little money, together equal very little participation in cultural enrichment.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t issue some “Best of” awards of my own devising…so here we go:

Best Book Read: “Cleopatra” by Stacy Schiff
Best Dessert Made: Fresh Strawberry Yogurt Cake
Best Email: May 12th. Subject line- “So last night got a little crazy” and in the body of the message, a photo of an adorable newborn baby girl.
Best New Electronic Thingy: my oh-so-shiny iPad2. I cook from it, I make lists, I read books, and I spend way too much time on Facebook. But better YET, it keeps my daughter delightfully happy and QUIET on airplanes and in car seats.
Best TV Show: Downton Abbey. No other show results in conversations between me and my friends that go like this-
“Downton. Omg.”
“I know”
“I know!”
Best Childhood Milestone Reached: Saying words! I would normally put Sleeping through the night, but I have been waiting to know what goes on in her little head for SO long, I love hearing her talk. Parents of non-stop 3/4/5 year old talkers, don’t ruin this for me!
Best Sister of the Year: Mine. She comes with airport pick-ups, a college degree, insane makeup skills, coveted just-released perfume samples, a ton of volunteer hours, a nutella addiction, and endless supply of “my auntie is awesome” tshirts in whatever size my daughter is.
Best Twitter Feed: @HonestToddler
Best Article: Also Most Terrifying Article- “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math” by Bill McKibben in Rolling Stone
Best Photo:

Have a wonderful 2013!