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The Sinus Blues

About twice a year, I get a sinus infection. I’m miserable for a few days, I spend a few days after that being full of mucus and sounding unpleasant, but then it’s over. I don’t know how many years I’ve been in this pattern, but it seems that the symptoms are getting harsher. My last sinus infection dragged on for almost 6 months. No joke. It was pretty low-grade for most of that time, for one month, I just had a headache every day. But it would occasionally spike into a severely sore throat or something like that for awhile.

Last Tuesday, I woke up and knew I was getting sick. By lunch time, my head was pounding with pressure and my joins hurt. By dinnertime, I felt nauseous and feverish. And by midnight, I was pretty sure that death was imminent. I have never believed you could die from sinus infection before, but as I lay on the sofa, freezing cold, every joint aching, my lower back in total agony, and with the kind of head pressure that I was convinced could cause brain damage, I was totally certain that forced to confront weeks of feeling this way, death would be preferable.

My toddler had gotten a milder version of this, a few friends I had seen camping had versions of it, so there’s something definitely going around out there. My guess is a nasty little rhinovirus, but who knows.

I hope you are all spared.

And I hope that my ability to fight these things off becomes more proportional, because it seems my immune system went to the nuclear option this time dragging me and my personal comfort along for the ride. Last time, it took forever to clean out the bugs, so it’s almost as if the performance evaluations were taken personally and there was some angry overcompensation going on this time. My immune system apparently can’t handle constructive criticism. I am putting that in it’s file.

I’m doing better now. I sound gross, but I feel mostly okay. I’m in the “how much tissue can I go through in a day” phase, but the good news is: I will live to see the next sinus infection.

Spring Fever

I wish I could say that our “spring fever” merely involved housecleaning, pulling out our white pants, making cool drinks, and pinning one hundred and four recipes that involve lemon.

Unfortunately, my daughter woke up with a fever two days ago that was as high as the number of lemon recipes I’ve pinned.

Since then, she’s been more miserable that I have ever seen her. She’s been sick before, but she usually is just clingy, tired, and sad-looking. Today, she was writhing. Writhing! Nothing would make her content. She’s got a cough that sounds like she has no room for air in her lungs, no appetite, and absolutely no patience for even her favorite videos or snacks. She’s too uncomfortable to sleep. We have been on Operation Excessive Indulgence, her ever whim being met, we keeps the tylenol coming, but all it does keep her from feeling like a boiled potato. Today, we started alternating with ibuprofen, which I am usually hesitant to do, but I think the situation called for it. It makes her a little manic, but at least I got ONE smile out of her before she went to bed.

She’s tossing and turning tonight. I feel terrible for her, both emotionally and physically. My daughter is very good at sharing: I woke up this morning with a headache and a weird feeling in my throat. I don’t think I’m going to get it as bad as she has, but I do not feel like I can handle another day of both of us being sick.

I have spring cleaning to do and a bag of Meyer lemons that aren’t zesting themselves…

All Quiet on the Stomach Front

I'm going to do you a favor and spare you the other visuals...

I’m taking a quick moment to summarize my last 20 hours.

Around 6pm yesterday, my kid (who had been acting slightly grumpy) totally projectile vomited all over herself, me, and several other things. After a bath and a snuggle, she did it again.

She was totally exhausted but also hungry. I let her eat a 1/2 cup of pasta shells with no sauce around 8pm. She threw them up an hour later. At 10pm, I finally got her to nurse and go to bed. She woke up and threw up again, on me, on the bed (completely missing most of the towel I put her on), on my pillow. The cat got out just in time. This was around 2am?

I thought we might be in the clear when she slept off and on from like 2-7am without any incidents, but she threw up again at 7. Also, she had a fever. I called her doctor’s office who just sent me along to 811, the public “want a nurse to tell you what you really need to do?” line. They were pretty helpful, surprisingly.

Thankfully, 7am was the end of the vomit. She has been able to keep liquids and some pancakes down today. However, she has been totally MISERABLE. She’s also getting her canines in and so add to her gastric distress the agony in her mouth. She refuses to be anywhere but attached to me. She is either crying, nursing, or sleeping (mostly on me). She doesn’t want to play, read, or even watch videos!

My husband, to his credit, has laundered more bedding than anyone should be expected to do in a 24 hour period unless one is a professional. My back is killing me and we are both pretty tired. I don’t know how people handle this when there are multiple sick kids in one house, as tends to happen with these stomach viruses. I feel like I haven’t had my hands free all day.

I can only hope she can sleep it off tonight and that tomorrow will be only mildly unpleasant. Here’s to low expectations!

In our sickbeds

A week ago, Julia was sick and was laying in bed feeling miserable. Apparently, this week it’s my turn. Having our kids also get sick is also making the experience worse. Yesterday, I started having a sore throat around late-afternoon but tried to ignore it. By the time I got home in the evening, it was full blown and by bedtime I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a worse sore throat in my life. I’m a terrible sick person, so I know I probably say things like that ever time I feel bad. My husband can attest to my dramatic laying-on-the-bed moaning that I’m pretty sure this is what death feels like.

My daughter has had a sinus thing for a few days now, making it impossible for her to nurse or eat without gasping for air. She’s up at night a million times more than usual. I feel so bad for her. Her fever went away but she’s still a never-ending stream of snot. She kind of knows how to blow her nose, but she’s not great at it. I have to employ the rubber bulb snot-sucker thing and I know it feels terrible. Hell, I remember how bad it felt from my own childhood, so I hate using it. But I try to make it as quick and infrequently as possible.

I took some ibuprofen earlier. If you know me, you know that it’s a big deal when I take pain killers. I really avoid them unless I’m totally miserable. My throat is still hurts, but not as much. My joints are achey and my head is under tons of pressure. My mother had to head back home. Boo hoo.

Anyway, I hope you are feeling better, Julia. I raise my hot-tea-with-lemon to your health and mine.