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Awesome things that have transpired since I got to my mom’s

1. I made lemon pull-apart bread without any problems, after midnight, twice. (Yes, going back on my promise to not bake after 1am due to mental fuzziness).

2. Ate some Panda Paws. (If you don’t have Perry’s, I feel sorry for you).

3. Managed to play the 1st Violin part of the Bach Concerto for 2 violins in D in front of a large audience without screwing up.

4. Wegmans!

5. Went out to dinner on the lake with my sister and my daughter and finally found a good playground.

6. Made 500 canapes for a party my mom was throwing for her father-in-law’s birthday. Fancy canapes.

7. Invented an awesome drinking game with my sister: Whenever mom asks a question to no one in particular- take a drink. Whenever no one answers her- take another.

8. Opened tons of lovely packages from Amazon and Zulily that I had been shipping here over the past several months because shipping to Canada is ridiculous and Amazon.ca is lamesauce. It’s very delayed-gratification shopping.

9. Danced with my baby to our favorite songs at the aforementioned birthday party. She is an adorable dance partner.

10. Had an Amish person at the grocery checkout insist my daughter looked just like her 3 year old, Denise. I mean, I THOUGHT my daughter looked familiar and just could never put my finger on how. Denise! Ah, I should have known! Mystery solved.

Congratulations to my Sister!

My little sister is graduating from college today. This event makes me feel two things:

1. I am so old.
2. My sister is really amazing.

In terms of 1, I remember holding this tiny and slightly yellow baby in a hospital rocking chair for the first time. I remember her learning to walk and talk. I have long left behind the mental impression that she is somehow my junior, just a kid. She’s basically been a responsible adult to me for a very long time now, a peer, a grown-up. But while I could still say she was in college, I still had some flexibility as to my own age when I told new acquaintances about her. Society kind of stops thinking of you as “oh those crazy kids” when you’re done with college, so I really have an all-grown-up sister now. Sniff…

As for the second thing, what you need to know is that my sister is a fantastically organized person when she puts her mind and post-its to it. Only a person with her special skills and talents could have gone to college, done all that she did while in college, and graduated with excellent marks and without any bribery, delays, debilitating bodily damage, property damage in excess of $2,500, narcotic addiction, or diplomatic intervention.

All of this, to say, she spent here collegiate years being an athlete (on scholarship, no less) who practiced a pretty dangerous sport, in the freezing cold, at high altitudes, and on an aggressive schedule. Coupled with some time-consuming internships and insanely long-distance drives to and from school, it was a challenge not many could face. On top of this, there were work schedules, a ton of hours at the gym, AND, of course, her homework and classes and exams. All of this, for a girl who prefers to get a solid 15 hrs of sleep at night, wears up to 4 colors of eyeshadow on daily basis, and STILL finds time to go out to the club for the first half hour?? Unbelievable. I’m tired just writing it all down. No one that truly knows her is surprised that she can do all this stuff, but it’s amazing to watch her do it all with her great sense of humor and delightful collection of accessories.

So Congratulations, my darling sister, I’m SO proud of you. Even though you have the spelling skills of a 4th grader, you are the bright and shining future and I’m glad you’ve arrived.

My Favorite Babies Past

Excuse note

Me: i have 40 pts, my husband has zero, the cat is DSQ in the “Cleaning The Apartment” race

My sister: wow. how many pts do i have?

Me: you did not enter

Sister: did u not get my entry rag?

Me: you had to be in the apt to enter

Sister: weird. i was standin outside, but registration never opened…..

Me: you had to come inside. there was a table

Sister: oh god i completely missed the table!!!! were there free t-shirts “i cleaned 2011” and goodie bags (products from ur bathroom)

Me: there was free lip gloss from 2006

Sister: vintage??

Me: you could say that. I think this is going to be my blog post from tonight. I’m really phoning it in.

Sister: yeah get on that blog. ive been studyin 4 physics all day

Me: yeah yeah. I have been reorganizing my kitchen cupboards also

Sister: funnah

Me: It’s not quite mom’s “grain storage” level, but there are a lot of grains. And my plastic containers fell out a few times.

Sister: how did u let this happen

Me: and there are some without lids

Sister: oh no

Me: and I know where this leads
so I nipped it in the bud

Sister: yeah ya do

Me: Mom will be so pleased: that these are the lessons we’ve learned from her
by her negative example.

Sister: did u compile the futze containers

Me: I spell it “futsy”

Sister: shhhh

Me: Urban Dictionary lists “futsy” as meaning a “fart”

Sister: well thats not rite

Me: but a google search for “futze” turns up a few sites from Singapore that are not in English

Sister: i must say, effective use of ur time

Me: I should be cleaning out the coat closet, but I have lost the will to compete

Sister: maybe this is an opportunity for your husband to gain sum ground…..

Me: I think he’s accepted defeat

Sister: wow. mom’s thinking about writtin a xmas letter. i need to go over details of my life that are excluded for the press and general population & approve a photo she plan on using.
i wud hav my assistant do this….but i gave him sum time off
p.s. crosby is supposed to play 2morow! in other news i need to go shower

12:02 AM
Me: she didn’t ask me about a photo, or a press release

Sister: well she hasnt dun anything yet

Me: and yes I heard that Super Crosby is back to Save Hockey!

Me: i just cleaned out the coat closet

Sister: i feel like we’ve exhausted all the Eminem jokes…..

Me: as far as I know, no mothers were harmed in the cleaning of my closet. except me, of course

Sister: boo whooo

Me: My husband has two hats. I have seven. I win.

Ode to Sleep

you read my mind, pillows...

So my sister is using this post to help drag herself out of bed tomorrow, so it has to be worthy of that, she says.

I’m not sure I could write anything that is worth getting out of bed for, since sleeping in is just about the best thing ever. I know she and I both choose sleeping in over most foods, most kinds of entertainment, and even each other standing over us going “will you please for the love-of-fruitcake get up now so we can go?!!!”

These days, I get up because I have an awake baby peering over me or my husband tells me he absolutely has to go. Only the former might actually throw something at my head but the latter holds longer resentments. But I really loathe having to get up. I stay up really late because I’m a compulsive online-all-nighter who gets all her news-reading, fashion-browsing, facebook-chatting, list-making, and erm blog-writing done in the wee hours while the little child who thinks laptops are for slamming shut and waving “bye bye” is sleeping. I also have a hard time falling asleep because I have a brain that likes to conjure up the absolute worst things in life as a mental slide-show the moment I lay down. If it’s not the worst things, it’s all the things I have left undone, like the night before you leave on a big trip but with more trivial details.

When morning rolls around a mere few hours later, I have absolutely no desire to get up. I am usually having a really nice or at least very interesting dream. Sometimes I even dream about sleeping! Usually in very nice hotels or very fantastical beds, but still, how meta is that? Even my bad dreams, I like to resolve before I wake up or else there’s this nagging feeling in my mind all day. If I’m not dreaming, it’s because I am in such a deep sleep that sperm whales could not survive the pressure to get down to my level of consciousness.

After a few attempts to get through to the real me, not the bear-in-hibernation-non-verbal me, either my husband, toddler, or the clock win and I drag myself out of bed. Occasionally, there is food/beverage to make the dragging slightly less agonizing. Usually, there is not. Hmph.

I used to be such a devotee of sleep, and I still am, but like so many things our relationship has become complicated. I have very little time all to myself, so I sacrifice sleep to be able to do things of my own. I have a toddler that likes to wake up at all hours of the night and who ultimately ends up next to me in bed. While asleep, that toddler likes to push me to the edge of the bed, sleep on top of the covers, and nurse constantly. This has the effect of making sleep very unsatisfying. I get down into a nice wave-less, dark depth of sleep and then ripped back to the surface over and over. So I basically have the sleep-bends. And lastly, even if I do get to sleep in and my obliging husband has managed to contain the fury of my mommy-deprived child, I kind of feel guilty and have not experienced this sleep-guilt before in this way. Sure, I have felt a little bad about sleeping in when I had stuff to do, but this is worse. I feel like I’m missing out on her childhood or something. I hear her whine in the other room and try to convince my body to get moving.

Someday this will get better, I hope. I will be able to do more of my own stuff during the day, sleep longer and with less interruptions at night, and have more of my bed to myself. And then, my sister and I can compete over who can sleep in better. Like a sleep duel. Pillows at afternoon, girl, pillows at afternoon…