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White Christmas

The snow came just in time this year and has been progressively more beautiful every day since Christmas. The whole countryside is frosted in lovely blue-white powder and the sky is regularly filled with snowflakes.

My daughter discovered the joys of sledding with her older cousins. She was pulled around in a sled last year, but going down a hill is so much more fun. We were on an every-other-day cocoa schedule (or else there would have been non-stop cocoa and premature diabetes) and I’m pretty sure I went through 30 lbs of flour (not counting bread flour) in the last few weeks. There were cookies and cakes and pies, breakfasts and lunches and dinners, 16 houseguests, 6 visitors, 5 dogs, 20 stockings hung with care or thumbtacks, 9 christmas trees, and way too many store-runs.

It was a busy, interesting, memorable, and happy Christmas.

And we all loved that it was a white one.

Snowy excitement

Today, we went to the Fête des Neiges! It is compulsive to include the exclamation mark.

No really, it was kind of exciting. I missed it last year due to sleep deprivation, being new to town and kind of clueless, and general poor planning and laziness. I enjoy winter festivals and think that most places don’t do enough to promote winter “fun” if they don’t have skiing. It was therefore necessary that I attend this year’s Festival of Snow in Montreal and report back to you on the goings-on.

It was decent.

The weather was pretty perfect. It snowed just yesterday but it hasn’t been brutally cold. The snow in Jean Drapeau Park has been excellently maintained. There are lovely snow sculptures lining the paths. The kilometer-long ice skating canal looked SO fun, but alas I could not skate today. There was zip-lining, if you are into that sort of thing, sleigh rides, dog sled rides, and lots of sledding. My daughter is just a bit too young for most of this. She mostly wandered around on the snow and got progressively colder.

We stopped in to see the yurts and tee-pees at the First Nations’ display. There were entertaining people dressed up very elaborately like owls who told stories to the children. In French. I understood that there was something about a duck and a castle and some honey. My toddler was entranced. She wanted to hug the owl-lady when it was over, so I guess she liked it. I was mostly intrigued with the fine painting decoration on all the woodwork inside the yurt.

We looked over the icy river to the Montreal skyline. It was very cold-looking. It’s hard for me to see a city skyline and not miss New York. We also wandered by the “snow village” which looked quite impressive but we did not want to pay the $17 per person to go inside.

At this point, my kid was tired and really cold so we headed home. I think she’ll have lots of fun next year. Also, next time I’m definitely bringing my skates.

Home, Icy, Home

Go, Dog, Go!

Fancy Yurt

Snowy Owls! Get it?